eScriptPlus ™ - ePrescriptions

Abacus has partnered with SureScripts to integrate The Pharmacy Software with SureScripts E-Prescribing systems.
The Surescripts network is used every day by thousands of physicians, pharmacists and payers nationwide to exchange health information and prescribe without paper.

• Reduce Healthcare Costs
• Improve Efficiency
• Enhance Patient Safety

Abacus’s solution to help meet your ePrescribing needs and assist in strengthening prescriber relationships by providing electronic means of communicating brand, generic and compound prescriptions to your pharmacy.

The E-Prescribing module:
• Allows you to easily see new prescriptions from within Abacus Pharmacy Plus Software.
• Provide automatic population of new prescriptions, doctors, and patients ultimately saving time entering data.
• Enable you to electronically communicate with the doctor, ensuring the most accurate information is communicated to your patients.
• Request refills through the ePrescribing interface, eliminating a phone call to the doctor’s office.
• Give you the capability to see and process prescriptions received via ePrescribing.

eScript is a Prescriber-Pharmacist Interface enables pharmacists to accept new prescriptions and send and receive renewal requests, prior authorization and refill authorizations electronically.  Can eMail, Fax, or electronically send refill requests or prior authorizations directly to a Prescriber from the pharmacy computer automatically.

Provides a real-time computer-to-computer link between pharmacies and physicians to exchange secure electronic transactions with physicians, including new prescriptions, refill requests, responses, and medication change requests. The result is a streamlined, more accurate flow of information between pharmacies and physicians.  

The Pharmacy will be able to send refill authorization requests and receive responses and new prescriptions directly from the pharmacy software. You will be able to communicate with any physician office in the network, including SureScripts (TM) one of the fastest growing physician network in the nation.  



Valuable Advantages:

  • Reduces time spent on prescription intake and processing due to faster prescription delivery and fewer call backs to physicians
  • Streamlines communications between pharmacist and physician
  • Reduces potential for medication dispensing errors due to illegible prescriptions
  • Improves customer service by reducing patient wait time in the pharmacy
  • Allows the pharmacist to devote more time to patient consultation
  • Easily integrate information within pharmacy system
  • Unlike faxes or paper prescriptions with eScriptPlus™, e-prescriptions go directly into your computer. Renewal authorizations can be managed with a few keystrokes.































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