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Integrated with our Pharmacy Plus software is a professional compounding system designed for compound and specialty pharmacies. It will optimize the production of compound medication and IV by allowing you to create multiple compound templates, compound batches, worksheets, managing formulas, logs, and batch testing, managing chemicals, manage patients, link with wholesalers, bill third party processors, receive and send electronic prescriptions, report ASAP controlled substance, check for conflicts and interactions, manage your chemical inventory, calculating formula costs, comparing generic and brand-name drugs, and creating consistent labels with unique barcodes, material requirements planning and many other important items related to compounding! We are compliant with USP, NCPDP and FDA guidelines and recommendations for compounding, labeling and reporting for compounded products including.




Create compound templates with customized ingredient

Create batch worksheet, print batch labels and compound Rx in an instant

Document or attach compound formula already on file

Documentation of compounding procedure for each compounded batch

Full or partial online compound billing to multiple processors

Track waste, dosage form, storage, prepared date, BUD, lot, professional fees

Track shipping cost and interface with Carrier

Manage Rx Status (On Hold, Not Filled, Transfer)

Integrated inventory control system (Manage inventory by lot number)

Automatically calculate ingredient cost

Ingredient Inventory and Bar coding technology for chemical verification

Each formula may have an unlimited number of chemicals and instructions

Chemical quantities are automatically calculated for every unique batch

Automatic chemical conflicts and interaction check and potential allergy assessment

Work Flow/Queue management

Text/ Email Rx Status Alerts

Compliance (controlled substance) reporting

Store patient test results in their personal profile, SOAP notes, consultation records, hormone evaluations, studies, lot testing, and more.

Cyclic filling for refill prescriptions of your choosing

User Security

Customized pricing schedules

Provides for Rx Validation

Chemical Price Update

Data Management, Analytics and Reporting

Tracking of formula usage by patient or physician

Track of Patient Medical History

Drug Recall Report (Scripts by Chemical Lot #)

Drugs/Formulas/Chemicals Reorder Report

Compliant with nationwide SureScripts network to receive/send electronic prescriptions

Print compound/IV labels

Integrated Accounts Receivable / Optional QuickBooks interface

Many Integrations available














Compound/IV labels
















I.V. Processing

This software module creates and maintains an on-line database for a variety of I.V. solutions for home infusion centers, clinics and physicians’ offices. Orders may be categorized as piggy-back, syringe, LVP, TPN, epidural, chemotherapy and chemo syringe. Admixed and non-admixed solutions are supported.

  • For non-TPN Orders up to 8 additives may be entered. If less than 8 are needed, the extra fields may be used for additional information, instructions, etc.
  • A separate TPN Order input screen lets you specify values for common additives and standard solutions (dextrose, amino acids and lipids). Four 30-character “free text” lines allow additional additives, solutions or instructions to be included.
  • A starter list of frequent standard orders and comments, with mnemonics, is included to reduce keystrokes. You can enter new standards or modify existing ones as needed.

Your can fill orders for I.V. compounds by creating worksheets with every admixture ingredient, including the container. Create pricing mechanisms that are specific to I.V. and quickly fill orders for all associated ancillary supplies. Select different label formats for different therapies. All I.V. orders flow through to our standard bills, reports and forms.



















































































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